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Any person of life, liberty, or property without
due process of law, nor deny to any per-
son within its jurisdiction the Equal protec-
ton of the laws

Section Two Representatives shall be apportioned
among the several States according to
their representative numbers, counting the whole
number of persons in each State, excluding
Indians not taxed, But when the right
to vote at any Election for the Choice of
Electors for President and Vice President
of the United States, Representations in Congress
the Executive and Judicial officers of a State,
or the members of the Legislative thereof, is
is denied to any of the Male inhabitants
of such State, being Twenty-One Years of age,
may abridged, Except for participation in
Rebellion or other crimes, the basis of repres-
tation which the number of such male Cit-
izens shall bear to the whole number of male
Citizens Twenty-One Years of age in such State

Section Three; - No person shall be a Senator or
Representative in Congress on Electon of Pres-
ident and Vice President, or hold any office
Civil or Military, under the United States -