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Whereas the following Amendments
to the Constitution of the United States of
America – Viz –

“Joint Resolution proposing an Amendment
to the Constitution of the United States –

Be it Resolved by the Senate and House
of Representatives of the United States of America
in Congress Assembled (Two Thirds of both Houses
Concuring) that the following Article be pro-
posed to the Legislatures of the several States
as an Amendment to the Constitution of
the United States, which when ratified by
three fourths of said Legislatures, shall
be valid as a part of the Constitution, Viz.

Article XIV:

Section One – All persons born or Natural-
ized in the United States and subject to
the jurisdiction thereof, are Citizens of
the United States and of the States wherein
they reside – No State shall make or enforce
any law which shall abridge the privileges
or immunities of Citizens of the United States;
nor shall shall any State deprive

Section Three; - No person shall be a Senator or
Representative in Congress or Elector of Pres-
ident and Vice President, or hold any office
Civil or Military, under the United States -