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                 Mr Watkens , as Chairman of the Committee , moved the Mo-
                 tion of the Report : Motion adopted :

                  Mr Watkens then moved that the “Joint Resolution” be
                  adopted by the Senate and called for the Ayes and Noes.
                 The motion being adopted and the called sustained , the role
                 was then taken upon the “Joint Resolution” –
                 The Role being called the vote was, as follows,

                Ayes - :         Mefen(sp), Bevens(sp), Dodson, Punagin(sp), Earle, Fariel(sp),
                                     Fellows, Galloway, Gantt, Grant, Heicks,
                                     Lyles, Lennington, Furkins, Reynaolds, (???),
                                     Sims, Smith, Sullivan, Thompson, Turnes(sp),
                                    Wabstim(sp), Williams, Wili(sp) and Mr President –

               Noes -          Mr. Scott : The “Joint Resolution was, therefore, adopted.

                           An motion of Mr Grant Mr Galloway was added to
               The “Committee on Internal Improvements” and also the
               “Committee on Public Printing” :

                                 [Non-Ratification of U.S. Constitution, 14th Amendment]