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       Genl,, Lee surrendered his troops on conditions approved by
Genl,, Grant , and soon thereafter, all the troops in the South
were surrendered upon the same conditions , and in a few days
from that time , the President of the United States , with full powers
and authority , under the Constitution to do so, proclaimed a
General Amnesty, on certain conditions: when the war ended
and upon accepting and performing the conditions of surrender
, and of the Amnesty, our people, Soldiers and citizens (????)
, according to all law entitled to all their rights , and restored
to the Union as before the war. And with a wonderful una-
nimity did our people accept those conditions , and conform
to them in every respect : indeed they accepted the results of
the war and have submitted in good faith , with an earnest
desire to make the United States our common country , to be
cherished in our hearts , and defended by our armies :*

       It does appear then to the Committee that this Amendment
is at best ungenerous to a people who have been in all
things so true to their surrender :

       This is still more so, since if adopted there is then no certainty
that the States are or will be restored to the Union : The Committee
of course, can not tell what may be in store for this State : She and others
may be forced to take this Amendment and even harsher terms
before a restoration to the Union occurs , but as valuable as
Restoration may be , they can not agree to franchise
It, at such a sacrifice of principle, of dignity, and of
Self-respect :

      While our people bear trouble trials, and deprivations,
and wrongs, if you please, in dignified silence, and submit
to all , the Committee can not and will not advise them to as
not of disgrace ; if not of annihilation , as would be the
result should this Amendment be adopted by an Act of this
Legislature :

       If the Congress of the United States persist in denying us
Representation , without the ratification of the proposed Consti-
tutional Amendent , then and in that event the Committee
can only counsel a quick and dignified course of conduct :

       Having in this Report, considered the matter submitted
To them, the Committee ask leave to submit the accompanying
Resolution and recommend its adoption :
                                   W.W. Mathews
                                        Chairman :

       “Resolved : That the General Assembly of the State of Arkansas
decline to ratify the Amendment adding Article Fourteen to
the Constitution of the United States , as proposed by “Joint Resolution
of Congress :
                                           Chairman :