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as the Fourteenth of the United States and
repectfully ask the concurrence of the House
in the same

                           Wyatt C Thomas
                                  Secy of Senate

Hon Bradly Banch
            Speaker of House of Representatives

The Hon John R Eakin was called to the chair
and Mr Speaker took his seat on the floor of the House
       Mr Reynolds moved that the Report be
      Which motion prevailed

Mr Brooks of Washington moved to take up
Senate Joint Resolution No 1(?) which motion prevails
        The resolution was read a first time
The rules were on motion suspended and the
resolution read a second time.
Mr Newton moved to make the resolution the
special order for half past 9 O Clock in morning.
        Mr Thomason appealed from the opinion of
the Chair as to wether the resolution should be
read in three different days the opinion of the
Chair not being sustained
       Mr Speaker Pro Tem delcared the question
to be shall the resolution be concurred in
Mr Rynold, called for the Yaes and Naes,
which call was sustained the Roll was called
and those members voting in the affirmative
were, [names listed] 68
       Those members voting in the negative were
[names listed] 2

              [Non-Ratification of U.S. Constitution, 14th Amendment]