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franchise were extended to the Negro and if
withheld from him it would be diminished in the
same proportion that the male Negroes over twenty
one years of age bear to the number of male citizens
twenty one years of age.
       This is simply a proposition to grant suffrage
to the Negro or yield the right of equal representation
in congress.
      The third section would disqualify a large
class of persons from holding Public positions either
State or Federal, in consiquence of participation in
the late war, and establish a proscriptive test of
disibility to office which would deprive the states of
of the services of their Ablests(sp) Finist(sp) and most honored citizens
       The fifth section would give Congress power
to enforce the preceeding provisions by appropriate
       Under that clause the sovergnty of the States
might be completely subverted by devesting them of
of the right now secured by the Constitution
        The Amendment proposes changes to the
fundamental law in direct antagonism with our
system of government and upon terms dishonoring and
degrading to the people of the Southern States.
       Your Committee therefor recommends
the adoption of the accompanying resolution.
        That the General Assembly of the State
Of Arkansas declines to ratify the Amendment adding
Article Fourteen to the Constitution of the the United
States as proposed by joint resolution of Congress.

                         Brooks of Washington
                        Chairman Committee on
                                   Federal Relations.
       The following message was received from the Senate
                       Senate Chambers
                                Monday Dec 17th 1866.
Mr Speaker
       I am instructed by the Senate to
report to your honorable body Senater Bill No 2, Entitled
an Act to define the rights of Persons of color, which
has passed the Senate and request the concurrence of
this House in the same. Also to report to the House
Senate Joint Resolution No 17 Recommending a rejection
by the General Assembly of this State of the Consti-
tutional Amendment proposed by the last Congress