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Epperly v. United States



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U.S. Constitution
14th Amendment


The Amendment
That Never Existed


Epperly v. United States

United States District Court
For The District Of Alaska

Case No. J90-010



This case came before the Court questioning the ratification of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.  Upon a "Motion To Dismiss" that was received from the Defendants, the Court dismissed the case stating that the question of ratification of a Constitutional Amendment was a Political Question to the Court which the Court could not address.  The case was dismissed for want of subject matter jurisdiction.

Although the Complaint of the Plaintiff addresses several questions other than the U.S. Constitution, 14th Amendment; the Plaintiff's "Complaint," Defendant's "Motions," and the Court's "Order to Dismiss the Complaint" are included in their entirety without amendments or deletions.


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